Trade-In/Upgrade Program

Upgrading a Chain or Bracelet from Garcia's Jewelry Miami

If you are a GJM customer, you have the option to upgrade your chain or bracelet to a larger size within 1 year of your delivery date. If it has been 60 days or less since your delivery, you will receive 100% of what you paid towards your upgrade. If it has been 61 days or more since your delivery, only 90% of your purchase can be used as a credit towards your upgrade. After 1 year, only the melt price of your chain is offered as credit. 

For some high value or uniquely customized orders (Over $15,000 in value AND/OR 20K, 22K, or 24K), the trade-in cost will only be for the value of the gold itself, and you will not receive trade-in credit from labor.

Trading in Gold from third party sources

As licensed gold buyers, we accept scrap gold, gold bars, gold coins, and even gold jewelry from other stores to be used as trade in credit towards your purchase. Any purity is accepted, and you will receive the full melt price of your gold as credit.

How to Trade In or Upgrade

Simply send us an email, or use our Contact Us Form to request a trade in. In your message, please include the weight and karat of your gold, along with what chain or bracelet you would like to purchase, and we will send you an offer within 24 hours. If you are a returning customer upgrading a chain or bracelet, please include your previous order number.

If you accept, we will send you an invoice for your chain or bracelet with your credit pre applied. Once paid, we will send you a FedEx shipping label, prepaid and insured for the quoted amount. Once received, we will verify the weight and karat and then proceed on your order. Standard production times apply just like if the chain or bracelet was made to order.

 Discount codes/promotions/sales do not apply when trading in an order.